Saturday, January 31, 2015

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams lure into Eric's Store scampers posing as a legitimate business. Rand More 

 What To Do If You're a Victim 

 Send an email to to alert of any suspicious messages appearing to be from Eric's Store. This address is for incoming mail only; you won't receive a response to any messages you pass on. 

Email: Forward the message with the original subject line intact and include the name of your Eric's Store Customer Services in the body.

 Phone or Text: Send an email with the time and date of the call or text, the number it originated from and what was requested. 

 Social Media: Send an email with the content of the message you received along with the social media account it originated from. 

If you suspect you're a victim of phishing: 

 Ensure that your computer's firewall, anti-virus and spyware detection software is current. Run a virus scan on your computer and clean up any viruses or trojans that are detected. Change your Account Access password from an uninfected computer.

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